Rohan Mohanty

Rohan Mohanty became part of the “Chasing” family in 2013. His favorite stories to chase are ones that involve great, local characters and stories that put him right in the center of the action.

Prior to joining the "Chasing" team, Rohan worked in many fields.

At 21-years-old he used his entrepreneurial spirit and opened a restaurant in New Jersey and learned what being a small business owner entailed. Following that endeavor, he was quickly picked up by a top law firm to settle personal injury cases in pre-litigation. Directly before “Chasing”, Rohan worked in Human Resources and Finance for a major-market news outlet.

Rohan's hobbies include mixed-martial-arts and he has the uncanny ability to jump 50-inches straight up in the air.

Rohan graduated from Peirce College in Philadelphia concentrating in both Human Resources and Finance.

He was named the 2012 Peirce College Student of the Year.

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