Tamara Laine

Tamara Laine joined Chasing News in 2012 to launch the new wave of news media.  She ditched the big camera bag for a cellphone and never goes anywhere without a GoPro in her purse, but that's not to say she doesn't still love grabbing her trusted DSLR when exploring parts unknown.

Tamara is also a documentary filmmaker who has followed grass-roots community campaigns fighting hunger and water contamination and championing education reform.

Her most recent film, “Scratching the Surface,” a documentary on the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in a small American town, was recognized at the international Accolade Film Festival.

She has also produced content for HBO, AOL, E! Entertainment, and MTV.

At Chasing News, Tamara has reported on military affairs, technology, and education. Her reporting, which uncovered a privacy breach on New Jersey Parks Police's parking tickets, led to a change in state forms.

With Chasing News Tamara has flown on military aircraft, marched alongside students demanding better education, and trudged through a polluted riverbank to report on illegal dumping. Where will the next chase be?

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