"The Blue House" attraction

Move over, Lucy the Elephant: Margate has a new attraction in town.

"The Blue House" on North Haverford Avenue is lit up entirely by LED lights. The display is attracting visitors from all over the area. 

Around his property are Margate photos, different types of figurines and, President Obama.

The light display will run year round and is on until 1:30AM.

Owner Jack Zoltak said it took around two years to complete it.  While he's proud of it, some of the neighbors are less than thrilled.

Why did he do this? He called decorating his house as a hobby.

One neighbor who wished to remain anonymous said the lights require keeping the windows closed to keep the light out.

Another concern is unwanted traffic.

Joel Goldhammer said what is usually a quiet street now sees a parade of cars continually stopping.

Margate City did not comment or respond.

It has been reported by other outlets that there is no resident lighting ordinance in place.

However, the neighbors thought of a solution, which is to just shut the lights off at 10:30PM. 

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