Midland Park murderer's past uncovered

A suburban mother of two was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend, a retired NYPD cop she met online, in her own driveway Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

Suzanne Bardzell, 48, was attacked by 44-year-old Arthur Lomando, who used a machete-type knife to stab her repeatedly after breaking a window, officials said.

Bardzell was in her car and had just pulled into her driveway in Midland Park.

By the time police officers arrived, she was dead.

Now, Lomando is in custody after allegedly throwing himself in front of a train in New York City being taken to the hospital, and charged with first degree murder.

"Nothing ever goes on like that here," said Frank Pastor, who lives across the street, "So, you know, it's shocking, it's very shocking."

Tragically, police had been already looking for Lomando just weeks before the murder. They wanted him and were looking for him on criminal charges.

“A few weeks ago there were cars staked out here. My grandson asked them what they were doing and they said they were looking for somebody. So I understand she had a restraining order so I guess they were trying to find him,” Pastor said.

Police did virtually everything they could and still couldn’t prevent a horrific act of violence.

Lomando joined the NYPD in 1994, and by 2000 he was already in trouble.

With insubordination on his record, he was given probation and a 30 day suspension.

Later on Lomando asked for a disability retirement due to psychological issues, and he was granted it.

According to court papers, he had panic attacks and a depressive disorder.

But officers later found out that Lomando had been doing side work as a delivery man while he was supposedly mentally unfit to do any work.

October is domestic violence awareness month, so be aware and on the lookout. If you see something say something, you never know what your presence questions could do.


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