Married to the Mets

They're the women of the moment: the wives and girlfriends of the New York Mets.

New York Post reporter Kirsten Fleming describes the women as quiet and reserved, telling us we shouldn't expect to see their names in the headlines anytime soon.

But, here's what sticks out: Leah Eckman, wife of Jon Niese, said blue underwear is her secret weapon.

"Whenever he pitches she wears blue underwear. It became a thing for her and she's vocal about it," Fleming said. "She says she gets very nervous and that's the one thing she does."

We also learned that bull riding brought Jacob deGrom and Stacey Harris together. The hometown sweethearts met at an event.

Victoria Ahern made headlines after the birth of her child. The media slammed the wife of Daniel Murphy when Murphy decided to take two games off to help with the newborn.

"It really brought to the forefront the question of what men are entitled to when they have children," Fleming said. "He was always an active father and said fatherhood is more important than anything."

As we've seen on E! Network's "WAGS," wives and girlfriends of athletes can find success on reality television. So, should we expect to see the Mets' ladies on the tube anytime soon?

"I don't think any of these ladies will be courting a reality show," Fleming said.  "I think they are happy to just go home and have dinner with their families. They're not the hair-pulling kinda gals."


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