A felon by any other name

If you Google the name "Michael Salerno" and "Flemington," you'll get two things. 

First, you'll see the financial advisory firm of Michael Salerno.

Second, you'll see that a man named Michael Salerno was indicted for fraud back in 2003.

Same name, same town, but different guy. 

Financial advice requires trust. "They're trusting me to get them through the remainder of their work life and make sure they don't run out of money," says the first Salerno, who's afraid he might be losing clients because of the second Salerno's misdeeds.

"I had the engagement on the phone -- we were talking -- we had our initial consultation meeting set up," Salerno said in his Flemington office. "And suddenly, 'I've decided to wait.' Radio silence."

Salerno has considered moving his office elsewhere in Hunterdon County, but he calls that remedy a "Band-Aid," adding that he has to fight for his name anyway. 

And so he's called news outlets, hoping to shine a light on his story so that people won't mistake him for another local man with the same name.


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