Unsolved murder case

There are still no answers as to how an 83-year-old woman came to be beaten to death in her $25 million Westchester County estate on Monday, police said.

Lois Colley of North Salem, New York, the wife of McDonald's franchise owner Eugene Colley, was found in the laundry room of her 300-acre estate by a caretaker.

The only thing missing from the home is a fire extinguisher, but it's not clear if that's the murder weapon.

"Everybody knows everybody," Maxie Beckley said. "We couldn't believe it when it happened."

Some call her a socialite.  Others describe Colley as the sweetest, most gentle woman you'd ever meet.

Meanwhile, neighbors are living in fear that a murderer is on the loose.

"I'm a little concerned by the lack of information that's come out," Kate Hintz said.

Investigators have speculated that the murder could be linked to a string of robberies in nearby Ridgefield, Connecticut.  But for some locals it doesn't add up.

"The house is much too secluded," said Hintz. "Unless you worked on the house or come and go you would have no idea where the house was. This whole Ridgefield robbery thing doesn't make sense. Unfortunately, it was probably someone who knew her or had access to the house."

Police are offering a $2,500 reward to anyone with information. Call Crimestoppers at 1-866-313- TIPS (8477).

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