FDA proposes new indoor tanning ban

The Food and Drug Administration has proposed that anyone under age 18 should be banned from using indoor tanning facilities.

Dr. Charles Simone, of the Simone Protective Cancer Center in Lawrence, NJ, warned of their dangers.

"Tanning booths are harmful. They can cause cancer, skin cancer, aging of the skin, but more importantly, an evil cancer of the skin -- melanoma," Simone said.

Several miles away is one of New Jersey's many tanning salons, Heatinizm in Ewing. Owner Joe DiSalvi said indoor tanning is perfectly safe, provided it's done correctly. 

"Sticking with a safer bed, being a UVA or UVB -- or high-pressure bed -- with a low or high intensity bulb," DiSalvi said.  

He adds that safe results are achieved gradually, and not overnight.

The FDA also calls for salons to require customers to sign consent forms acknowledging the dangers of tanning, but DiSalvi says he's already there. 

Heatinizm doesn't serve customers under 18, and the consent forms are already part of the process. 

DaSalvi is the only salon owner contacted who agreed to do the story, saying it's important to him to set the record straight.


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