Unlicensed Uber driver busted with passenger in car

A young New Jersey woman had a bad first experience with the car service app.  Her driver was pulled over and arrested for having a suspended license.

Kate Buttorf was using the app for the first time for an eight mile ride to Mount Laurel.  She said her first warning sign was that the car that was supposed to pick her up was a Lincoln Town Car but the actual vehicle the driver had was different.

The driver was taken to the police station and she was forced to go as well.  Police called a taxi company to get Buttorf to her destination.

That same cab driver was called back to the police station to give the Uber driver a ride. 

Ray Vitale from Best Taxi says he recorded a conversation with the Uber driver where he admitted that he didn't have a license and Uber was not aware of the situation.

"I'm trying to earn money to fix my license."

Uber responded to the incident.

Craig Ewer Uber spokesperson stated:  "We take the safety of both riders and drivers very seriously, and the driver in this case has been barred from using the Uber platform as we investigate." 

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