A Christmas classic continues

The Hess Gas Station may be a thing of the past, but the classic toy trucks are here to stay.

For the first time since 1964, the toy is on the market at mall kiosks throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The move comes after the closing of Hess gas stations in 2014, the same year the toy was nominated for the National Toy Hall of Fame.

"It's a big tradition," said Justin Meyer of Hess.  "It's really important that they have a way to get the toy truck and have some way to get it a younger person in the family."

The iconic toy was first introduced in 1964 by Leon Hess.  Naming it the B Model Mack Tanker, he sold it for just a $1.29 at local gas stations. 

"It had working lights, batteries included, and you could actually fill it up with water and empty it with a hose. It was a really innovative thing. It had never been done before," said Mayer

The toy became an instant success and Hess cashed in.  The company transformed the truck into a Christmas tradition, always selling the truck in limited quantities during the holidays and only making them available at its own gas stations.

The truck remains one of the most popular toys on the market and you don't need to go to a gas station to find one.

This year's toy is the Fire Truck and Ladder Rescue, compete with oversized tires, LED lights and swiveling fire hoses.  But it's no longer going for a $1.29, this truck will cost you just over 30 dollars.


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