Kangaroo kicks

As fall rolls in everyone wants to don the latest fashion trend for back to school and into the new season.

And if you have a spare thousand bucks you can be the cool kid on the block with the latest in loafers.

Gucci has unveiled its $995 Princetown Loafer made out of only the finest leather, and because lynx is so 2014, they've lined it with kangaroo.

This fashion trend is quickly selling out at high-end retailers but, there was one pair left in Bloomingdale's.

Then Chasing News headed to The Australian bar, the mecca of all things Sydney, Melbourne and Perth right here in NYC, where customers were less than outraged and there actually is kangaroo on the menu!

Not everyone has an appetite for kangaroo products.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals lashed out against the line of shoes, calling it "grotesque."

“Anyone stepping out in kangaroo loafers is taking a step back in time, because today’s fashion is all about vegan fur and vegan leather. The sight of Gucci’s grotesque kangaroo-fur loafers will sicken anyone with a conscience,” PETA Media Liaison. Jessica Johnson, stated. 

Are designers pushing the fashion envelope a bit too far to get that competitive edge in a saturated market?

And men, you are not exempt from this design debate: The loafers are unisex.

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