Making motorcycles, one spoke at a time

BROOKLYN, NY (CHASING NEWS) -- It's that time of year again: cruising time. This time, we're cruising in luxury.

Owner Bobby Seeger welcomed us to Indian Larry Motorcycles in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

"We build custom one-off motorcycles known around the world. It's pretty neat," Seeger said.

Prices range from $65,000 to $130,000. "When that thing starts up, you hear it," Seeger said.

Just eight bikes are made in the North 15th Street garage each year. But not everyone comes to buy a bike. Many come just for the merchandise, and others, to bring their old bike back to life. The shop is full of character -- one character in particular.

"Indian Larry was a friend, a business partner," Seeger said. Larry died in August 2004. One of his iconic bikes is the "Wild Child." Seeger said he built one for a Discovery Channel program and people "went crazy."

Larry's presence is everywhere, including framed newspaper clippings and a portrait painted with chopsticks.

The business is as much about raising money as making it. The Indian Larry crew leads rides around the world, with all profits going to the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation, a nonprofit Seeger and his wife founded in honor of their son, Aidan, who died of the rare brain disease adrenoleukodystrophy.

"In a 10-month period he had passed away," Seeger said. "He was just shy of 8. Four million bucks for 10 months of being in the hospital. Crazy."

The foundation advocates to have ALD screening in every state and "Aidan's Posse" will continue to ride until that's done.

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