Mom steamed over hot water denial

PARAMUS, NJ (CHASING NEWS) -- If you're out shopping and need to feed your baby, should you just assume that a private business will give you hot water to warm up a bottle?

Last weekend, Lily T went to the Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus with her parents, husband, nephews and 8-month-old son. After a while they stopped at Dunkin' Donut for beverages and snacks.

Lily also needed to warm up her baby's bottle so she asked a Dunkin' Donuts employee for a few ounces of water in a quart-sized container she provided.

Lily said an employee told her they didn't have hot water and walked away. "How does Dunkin'  Donuts not have hot water? They serve hot tea."

"He told me that they trained their employees not to give out hot water to any customer for liability issues. However, I could have purchased a hot tea," Lily said.

After Lily posted about her experience on Facebook and vowed to boycott the store, Lily said she received an email from a Dunkin' Donuts manager explaining that the policy is in place because of a liability issue, saying that employees are strictly advised not to give out hot water.

So why didn't Lily bring her own bottle warmer?

Well, she did. She said she had a hot water container in her car.

"But I was at the mall," she said. "Why would I need to bring all this with me when I already have a million things for the baby? 

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