NYC woman attacks topless performer

A New York City woman attacked a topless performer in Times Square on Saturday, resulting in a controversy and violent brawl that led to their arrests.

A video of the incident shows topless performer Amanda Roman, 23, wrestling passerby Angela Portalatin, 27, as an NYPD officer and two others try to separate them.

Witnesses say Portalatin initiated the confrontation, calling Roman a, "nasty w***e."

This fight took place on 7th avenue and 43rd street, which is across from the Police Headquarters in Times Square.

An NYPD officer later broke up the fight, slapping handcuffs on both. 

The two women were given Criminal Court summons for disorderly conduct.

"There were five officers here, but when the lady attacked, there were no officers to be found. Only one," said Chris Oliveri, who works with the topless performers.

Oliveri said he feels the NYPD did not do enough to stop Portalatin.

"They came after the fact of the attack. It's like they purposely sit there and wait for her to fight back so they can arrest her, too," continued Oliveri.

Oliveri said Roman is planning to appeal the summons. 

Meanwhile, the Times Square Alliance applauds NYPD's actions on Saturday, writing in a statement that the incident showcases the need for the extra police force in the area.

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