'Stacking' prompts Morristown man to sell his house

Greg Bruen has had enough. This Morristown resident is selling his house and moving out. He's even painting signs and displaying them on his lawn to tell the world why. 

Illegal immigrants are living 30 to a house in his neighborhood.

Bruen says that they're creating a fire hazard the town will take no action on.

"There's been about five fires on Speedwell Avenue within the last two years," Bruen said, blaming it on "stacking”, "Too many people in one house puts a burden on the physical structure of the house."

Bruens visible stand on immigration has some calling him a racist, a charge he vigorously denies.


Though he's only posted the signs for a few days, he says he's had his life threatened 16 times and had paint thrown at the signs.

People drive by and voice their support, and some give him the finger.

“The only people that don’t like what’s going on are the illegal immigrants,” Bruen stated. 

Part of his frustration, he says, is that he’s paying $10K a year in property taxes and he’s done either way, and will be heading down south to Georgia.

New research has shown that New Jersey is one of 6 states where 60% of the nation’s Illegal immigrants live.

Bruen stated, “I want equality. I want to be treated equally like the illegal immigrations. I want the same rights as the illegal immigrants. Is that possible?”

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