Trump fighting to win over black evangelicals

Still under fire and still leading in the polls.

Donald Trump has 27 percent of the Republican votes nationally, the highest of any Republican candidate according to a new Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday.

The surge comes despite Trump's controversial comments that say Muslims cheered in northern New Jersey on 9/11. But, not everyone's Team Trump.

The GOP front-runner is still fighting to win over the black evangelicals.

Trump made headlines this week when he announced the endorsement of 100 black pastors ahead of a meeting with them on Monday. 

Turns out, not all of the 100 pastors would formally endorse him, but those that do say they're 100 percent certain Trump is the candidate we need.

"We've had policy, we've had affirmative action. We have a breakdown of morality and Trump is the man to heal that," said Pastor James David Manning of Atlah Church in Harlem.

Manning has now started a Trump for President campaign.

Meanwhile, two blocks away from his church in Harlem, Team Trump is fading.

"He needs to trash this stupid talk. We're trying to heal a nation. We don't need that kind of hate talk," said the Rev. Vernon Williams.

Historically, black evangelicals have voted democratic.  But, with an uptick in violence and poor employment reports, that could change.




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