Beer to the creative rescue

- Got work to do? Grab a beer!


A new study proves that a pint of beer could help you creatively.


“Downing a pint of beer for men, or around 350 ml for women, boosted test scores in 132 men and women who were given a range of creative tasks. In one-word association test, alcohol increased test scores by around 40 per cent.”

However, you may want to hold off on starting a tab.


“Beneficial effects are likely restricted to very modest amounts of alcohol, whereas excessive alcohol consumption typically impairs creative productivity.”

And sadly, as your Snapchat story, the next morning after going proves alcohol does not help all creative endeavors.


“While alcohol boosted creativity it decreased ‘executive function’ and so is likely to impede artistic endeavors which require motor skills, such as painting or dancing.”

So while you may feel like the next Beyoncé after a pint, you might want to hold off on doing the “Single Ladies” dance.

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