Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson suffers a bloody accident on set

- In a recent Instagram post, The Rock announced that the filming of his upcoming action thriller ‘Skyscraper‘ had to be temporarily shut down due to an accident he had on set.


Apparently, the actor had walked into a sharp corner ripping the skin from his leg.  Ouch!


The post showed a doctor administering a Tetanus shot to The Rock and inspecting his ‘boo boo.’



And unlike us “regular people,” the 45-year-old did not scream or cry… his response was very comedic.


In the caption, he mentioned that he loved making things bleed and even had a craving for a tequila-flavored lollipop.


Sounds like just what the doctor ordered!


According to Variety, Skyscraper is set to premiere in July 2018.


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