Unlikely Friend Retrieves Phone From the Depths of the Ocean

We've all misplaced our phones and then felt like an idiot hunting it down. It can be a really powerless feeling. Now imagine giving your phone to someone to hold for safe keeping and then they accidentally drop it in water **head smack**

That is exactly what happened to Teressa Cee, a professional dancer and cheerleader for the Miami Heat. According to a post on her instagram account, she was in the Bahamas, on a platform and someone did indeed 'drop' her iPhone into the deep blue sea. 

The good news is this story has a happy ending...sort of.

Although the phone did indeed never work again. Having been submerged at the bottom of the ocean no bowl of rice would ever bring that iPhone back to life. But Calcique, the super adorable dolphin Teressa had just been swimming with, is now getting his 15 minutes of fame.

If we could just teach him to find our car keys around the house...

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