VIDEO: Teen slaps teacher at Skyline High School

- A student will face disciplinary action for allegedly assaulting a teacher at Skyline High School on Thursday.

Video of the incident was immediately posted on Twitter. It shows the teenage girl slap her teacher. The two then end up in a struggle.

The Dallas Independent School District said the teacher suffered minor injuries.

“Violence is not tolerated in our school and the student will face consequences with our Student Code of Conduct,” the district said in a press release.

The district said it would not release names or comment any further because of privacy laws.

“To me, I think it was the student,” said Skyline senior Luis Mendez. “I don't…it was very appropriate to do that. She should have just walked out instead of escalating the problem.”

Others see it differently. Miesha Ray has a niece who goes to Skyline. 

“The student does bear some responsibility, but then again, this is a child so a child is going to act in a certain type of way,” said Ray. “That's why you have adults in the school.”

David Lee with the American Federation of Teachers says the video is a sobering reminder of the challenges that teachers face in the classroom.

His group, the American Federation of Teachers, represents thousands of Dallas teachers, and while he says the details of the confrontation are unclear, teachers must be allowed to protect themselves.   

“Obviously, teachers should use the most restraint possible when dealing with these types of situations, but at the same time, a teacher does not sign away the right to defend themselves if they're assaulted by a student,” said Lee.


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