How to pick, care for the perfect Christmas tree

- Finding the perfect Christmas tree to suit your home, budget and time allowance, is easier than you might think. Reporter Anna Gilligan checked out a tree farm in New Jersey; and Stew Leonard Jr. of Stew Leonard's stores, shared tips on finding that tree.

Stew Leonard Jr., owner of Stew Leonard's in Yonkers, New York; Connecticut and (soon to come) Long Island, knows Christmas trees.

On a recent Saturday, the Yonkers location sold 2,000 trees.

Leonard Jr. shared his top tips for selecting and caring for the perfect Christmas tree:

On average, you should expect to pay about $10/ foot. (A six-foot tree will run you approximately $60.)

One of the best–sellers is the Mountain Balsam. At Stew Leonard’s, they are imported from Canada.

The Douglas Fir is from Pennsylvania and is good for kids because of its soft needles.

The Fraser Fir is usually pricier (about $10 more on the total price), but it can hold heavy ornaments.

When it comes to freshness, you know you have a good tree when you give a branch a good, hard tug and very few, if any, needles come off.

You want to get a fresh cut on the bottom of your tree.

“When you get a fresh cut tree, it wants to drink a lot. The best thing you can do is (give it) lots of water. Miracle Tree also helps the tree (last longer). It’s like sweet Gatorade for the tree," said Lenoard Jr.


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