WATCH: Why are 12 of the 20 drunkest cities in America in Wisconsin?

- A new study was released announcing the 20 Drunkest Cities in America and spoiler alert: twelve out of twenty are in Wisconsin!! Oh, Wisconsin.. What’s going on over there? Maybe it’s because wine and cheese pair so well? It looks like America’s Dairyland might need to change its state beverage.

The financial news outlet 24/7 Wall St created the list using data on excessive drinking, concentration of bars, and alcohol related driving deaths. More than a quarter of adults in Wisconsin reported that they binge or drink heavily throughout the week, which means consuming more than 15 drinks a week for a man and over 8 drinks a week for a woman.

Appleton, Wisconsin topped the national list with 26.8 percent of residents drinking excessively and nearly 1/3 of driving deaths involved alcohol. The city has 4.4 drinking establishments per 10,000 residents compared to an average of 1.6 bars per 10,000 population across the 381 cities covered by the survey.

Although many are celebrating this as a victory for Wisconsin, it is concerning. The state’s motto may be ‘Forward’ but please remain from moving in any direction behind the wheel after drinking. Have your fun, and then call an Uber, ya cheese heads.

Watch video above for full story.

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