WATCH: New research confirms that if you punctuate your text messages you are THE WORST

- A new study confirms that if you end your texts with a period then you are THE WORST. It just doesn’t look friendly. And now researchers at Binghamton University have confirmed what you’ve been trying to explain to your mom for years.

The researchers write in the study that “the rapid pace of texting mimics face to face communication, leading to the question of whether the critical non-verbal aspects of conversation, such as tone, are expressed in computer-mediated communication.”

To test out how the period had become a social cue within the context of a text, the researchers presented a group of 126 people with a series of exchanges framed as either handwritten notes or text messages. When the text reply was followed by a period, subjects rated the reply as less sincere than with no punctuation used. The same effect was not presented in handwritten notes.

So according to the study, the "text message period' has taken on a meaning of its own. It is no longer used to end a thought or sentence. It’s sole purpose it to wage psychological warfare against your friends and family. In a follow-up study they saw signs that the exclamation point, once a rather undignified punctuation mark, makes people believe that your messages are more sincere than no punctuation at all.

So let this be your warning, Mom, if you continue to insist on grammatical correctness, You may not be invited back to book club. 

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