WATCH: How to increase your chances of surviving a mass shooting

- After the horrific massacre in Orlando there is a question on everyone’s mind. "What would I do if I found myself in that situation?" There’s no foolproof way to protect yourself from a mass shooting. However, A number of private companies now train office workers in how to respond in an active-shooter event. The experts agree: following a few simple rules can help boost a person’s chance of survival. Being mentally prepared to take action in a crisis and knowing where a building’s exits are can make all the difference.

Your first and best option is to run. Get out of there as quickly as you can. Encourage others to run as well, but don’t let anyone’s indecision stop you from leaving. Choose your route carefully and use whatever tools are at your disposal to clear your path.

If you aren’t immediately able to run, your next option is to hide. Use the time to plan another way out or to prepare in case the shooter forces his way in. Make yourself small and stay quiet to give the police time to arrive. Block doors, silence your phone, choose your hiding place, and make a plan.

Your last option is to fight. This is a last resort. You should only fight if your life is at risk and you are trapped with the gunman. If you can, use the element of surprise to your advantage. Step 1. Create chaos. Step 2. Swarm him. There is power in numbers. Step 3. Move the weapon away from him as quickly as possible. Step 4. Attack. Either with the gun or  whatever you can find.

It’s incredibly sad that we even have to make a video like this. We are so sorry that you do not feel safe in your office, in a nightclub, in a school or in a movie theater. Stay safe out there everyone.   

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