Studies: Taller people earn more money, find greater success

Being tall has its perks -- and no it has nothing to do with machismo like the size of Donald Trump’s hands--  

Studies show that taller people have been found to earn more money and find greater success in school. They are also less likely to have difficult pregnancy or develop heart or respiratory diseases. They even tend to live longer! 

Research from a new study funded by Grand Challenges Canada and Wellcome Trust shows that this particular physical attribute is largely predetermined by genetics but it can be influenced by environmental factors. A handicapped economy, poor diet and vast inequality can stunt the growth of entire countries. 

In the United States, where its citizens once ranked the third and fourth tallest, both men and women had the smallest gain in height of any other high-income country and plateaued first, followed by Britain, Finland and Japan.

Now, American women rank 37th and the men slipped to 42nd in the world. In the US, height increased less than the worldwide median, but our body mass index ballooned significantly. 

It has to do largely with our nutrition. This study gives us a picture of the health of nations over the past century, and Americans health has been seriously lacking. 

Majid Ezzati, an Imperial professor of public health told Reuters that the findings show the need “to address children and adolescents’ environment and nutrition on a global scale.” 

We need to seriously take a look at what we are feeding ourselves and our children. If the children are our future don’t we want them to grow up, instead of out?

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