How one long last cat finally came home


After being lost for 1 year, 3 months, and 17 days, Freddie the cat was finally reunited with his owner in Minneapolis. But he didn’t make it home on his own. 

Char Gruber happened to spot Freddie on the side of the freeway near Burnsville, Minnesota.

She posted on Facebook about the encounter. Cat Trapper Carolyn Kristine saw the post and sprang into action. After climbing down the snowy roadside, they caught Freddie within minutes. 

“Bringing that trap, you know, with a ten pound cat back up was the fun part,” Kristine laughed.

Luckily Freddie had a microchip and they were able to take him home. Freddie’s owner Justin says his heart is full and Freddie is doing well. They’ve picked up just where he left off.

Nowadays we have pet cameras for peace of mind, microchipping for identification, and even GPS and smart collars for tracking. For instance, the LinkAKC, a collar that comes complete with an LED light, an activity tracker, and temperature notifications, is available January 23.


Keeping our pets safe with modern technology gives us a sense of security, but it’s people looking out for each other, and our animals, that really make a difference. Watch the video to see the cat who finally reunited with his owner more than a year after going missing.

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