The top 5 weirdest presidential inaugurations in U.S. history


Think inaugurations are just a simple ceremony? Maybe the most outrageous thing that can happen is that performer gets called out for lip syncing? Au contraire. From deadly weather to peculiar presidential accessories (or lack thereof) U.S. history is full of truly bizarre inaugurations.

In 1829, Andrew Jackson had to escape through a window at his own inauguration after 20,000 revelers mobbed the White House.They smashed dishes, crystal, and trampled the furniture searching for President. The crowd was finally lured outside when the staff put tubs of whiskey and juice on the White House lawn.

In 1873, organizers brought in 100 canaries to liven up Ulysses S. Grant’s inauguration, but it was so cold that most of them froze to death

Speaking of the cold, in 1841, William Henry Harrison delivered a 10,000 word address during a snowstorm with no hat, coat, or gloves. It lasted one hour and 45 minutes. Don’t remember Harrison? He died a month later.

In 1901 Teddy Roosevelt wore a ring to his Inauguration-- that contained a lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair, taken from his head after he was shot.


And in 1793, George Washington’s speech was a mere 135 words, which is shorter than this article.Of course, the award for the strangest inauguration is always up for grabs. History proves that anything can happen.

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