Neighborhood leaves no stone unturned in finding joy


With Easter around the corner, family and friends scavenging for Easter eggs will be a normal sight. However, one Pennsylvania neighborhood got a head start on their scavenging. But  the residents aren’t hunting for eggs, or money or candy. They’re looking for rocks. 

What makes these rocks unique are the messages of inspiration and joy that the people of Leedom Estates are painting on them. 

Melissa Taziole says her dad, Don, came up with the idea.

"He basically said we are going to go paint rocks and hide them and I thought he was crazy. We just hide them throughout the neighborhood and people hunt for them," Melissa told FOX 29 in Philadelphia.

It’s also been a way for neighbors to demonstrate their support when they don’t know what to say. 

"Like one of our neighbors just found out that her mom has cancer so he's like of course oh my God I’ve got to get the rocks, I’ve got to get the rocks. He put praying for your mom on it and he put it on her front steps. She found it and it just made her day," said Joanne Taziole.

A simple object, a simple act of kindness, and now this neighborhood is “rockin” with happiness. Watch the video to see how these rocks are impacting the community. 

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