Emotional reunion for family and puppy after tragedy


Last month, 17-year-old Messiah was sitting in the back seat of a car in Detroit when a driver, who was charged with driving under the influence, smashed into it. Sadly, the crash killed her brother Zachary Garrison and his girlfriend, Angel Careathers. Fortunately Messiah survived, but suffered serious injuries along with Angel’s 15-year-old sister, Krystal. 

Messiah and Krystal are recovering from their injuries, but they had yet t see Zachary and Angel’s injured puppy “Bella” since the crash. The 6-month-old puppy had lacerations all over, and was covered in blood the last time they saw her.

Thinking she was adopting a cat, Messiah was surprised when a smiling and healthy Bella was brought out by the Detroit Dog Rescue and Project One. 

Emotions ran high, and there were tears of both joy and pain. “They loved her a lot,” Messiah told FOX 2 DETROIT.

“That's all we have left is Bella - from both of them,” said Avria McKelvey, Zachary’s mother.

What is lost can never be replaced, but this lucky puppy can make even the saddest times a happier one. 

“It’s a happy feeling this time,” said McKelvey. “Not a sad feeling. It’s a happy occasion.”

Detroit Dog Rescue said they will cover all of Bella’s vaccinations for the rest of her life, and Project One provided Messiah and Bella with food, treats, and a crate. 

“Because the dog was in the car at the time, there's only a few people that can really, really relate to that. They can be there for each other now," said Kirsten Mumma, Executive Director of Project One.

Watch the video to see this bittersweet reunion.

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