Terminal cancer patient reaches Mt. Everest summit


When 47-year-old Ian Toothill was diagnosed with cancer in June 2015, doctors gave him four months to two years to live. In early 2016, he beat it. But the good news wouldn’t last long. The cancer returned, and the London man was told he had “just several months to live.” 

Despite the disappointment, he would not idly accept his fate.  Instead he set out on the adventure of anyone’s lifetime. He set his sights on the world’s highest mountain -- Mount Everest. On June 5, he accomplished his goal and reached the summit. 

According to The Guardian, Toothill believes himself to be the first person with cancer to reach the summit of Mount Everest. 

In the process, he raised over £37,000 -- the equivalent of almost $50,000 -- for the cancer charity MacMillan on his GoFundMe page

Climbing Everest has been a dream since childhood, and he hopes he will inspire others that are suffering.

Toothill wrote on his JustGiving fundraising page, “I also want to inspire anyone living with cancer to go and do that special thing they’ve always wanted to do. Of course, that thing might not be climbing a mountain. It could be finishing that book you’ve always said you would write, learning a new skill, or taking that dream trip.”


 Watch the video to see his courage in the face of death. 

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