Texas woman's traffic stop ends with surprise proposal


There’s no limit to the creative ways in which people ask someone to marry them. Recently, one Texas man decided to pop his surprise proposal during a traffic stop that left his girlfriend in tears. She thought she was being arrested. 

Stephen Smith is a dispatcher for the Grapevine Police Department in Texas. He also likes to play practical jokes on the love of his life, Amanda Radican. So when it came to his marriage proposal, Stephen decided to pull a fast one on Amanda with the help of Grapevine PD. 

He left his phone at home “by accident,” and asked Amanda to bring it to him at work. Using the “Find my iPhone” app, he and Officer Chad Hale were able to track her down. 

“That was the only way I could think of to track her,” Stephen told FOX 4.

Officer Hale pulled Amanda over, and informed her that there was a warrant on her car. 

"Why is it showing warrants on there?” she asked through tears.

“That's what we're trying to figure out,” Officer Hale told her.

Amanda was visibly upset and frightened, but those tears quickly became tears of joy. When the officer asked her to step out of the car, Stephen surprised her. He got down on one knee and told her that the warrant was her being wanted by him. Luckily she has a good sense of humor, and said yes. 

"He got me good. He got me really good. Totally never saw that coming,” she said. 

The whole proposal was captured on Officer Hale’s body camera, but hopefully they’ll use a professional photographer for the wedding. 


Watch the video to see the Amanda get stopped in the name of love. 

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