9 office buzzwords you should avoid at all costs


Think you’ve mastered corporate lingo with words like “synergize” and “best practices?” Then you might be irritating your co-workers “to the next level.” 

As reported by International Business Times, a new survey conducted by the British jobsite Glassdoor reveals there are certain words that can cause employees to mentally groan and switch off. Additionally, it can alienate newcomers, and make them feel like they have to learn a new language before they can contribute. 

So what are the biggest office offenses according to the study? 

-Touch base. Can’t we just say “talk” anymore?

-Blue sky thinking. Umm, get me out of this meeting now!

-Game changer. This one is so overused no one is even sure what game they’re playing anymore. 

-No-brainer. Yup, that’s one way to encourage groupthink. 

-Thought shower.  Showers, co-workers...no. 

-“Mission statement” and “pick it up and run with it” annoyed 10 percent of those surveyed. 

-Animals aren’t safe in workplace jargon ether. “Getting your ducks in a row” and “punch a puppy” rounded out the exasperating expressions. 


It turns out you might think you’re giving “110 percent” and “thinking outside the box” with business jargon, but “going forward” -- you may want to just talk like a human being. 

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