Girl's toy fire truck gets stolen, but firefighters save the day

Bailey Desloover and her 2-year-old sister Penelope were playing with their toys when they were called in for dinner. When they returned outside to play, they discovered their toy fire truck was stolen.

“I was mad and sad,” Bailey told FOX 2 Detroit. “Why would you think it would be okay to take our fire truck?” 

Their mother, Molly Heisler, posted a message to the neighborhood’s Facebook page hoping someone might see it. No one had seen the toy, but the Monroe Township Fire Department saw the post and knew they could help. They had the same exact toy fire truck. 

"I have a firefighter man cave. I have several pedal cars down there," firefighter Jerry Lawson said. "I collect pedal cars and I bought this one three years ago. When I saw the picture I was like, 'Dave I have the same one, let's go ahead and donate the pedal car.'"

Firefighters made the surprise delivery-- and that made Bailey and Penelope’s day. The girls were given a demonstration, and a push around the lawn by the kind men and women. 

"I am so surprised," Bailey said. "I am so happy, so grateful and everything."

Toys eventually break, get stored in attics, or are sold at tag sales. However, the kindness of these firefighters will be remembered by this family forever. 

"We just want to make something right for a little girl," Lt. David Nadeau said. "The expression on her face made it all worth it."


Watch the video to see the special delivery. 

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