5-year-old tries to join firefighters to save neighbors' home


A lot of children dream of becoming a firefighter when they grow up. It sounds cliche, but it still holds true. A recent survey showed that firefighter is still a dream job for boys between one and ten. Second only to being a professional athlete, according to Forbes

Five-year old Logan Daniel Pippin might have a leg up on most kids. In fact, when a fire broke out at a house across the street, he put on his firefighter gear and tried to tag along with the firefighters on the scene. 

He has firefighting in his genes. His “pop-pop” just retired after 29 years, and his father is an active firefighter for the Chester Fire Department in Pennsylvania. 

"I want to really put out an actual fire and be the chief and drive a fire truck," said Logan to Fox 29.

Logan’s dream of saving lives touches his father’s heart. 

"It's very rewarding. He makes me feel like I am worth something. When you go to work and it doesn’t really hit you until you come home and your kid says how many calls did you have, did you have any fires and how big was the fire?" said his dad Gordon.

Logan will one day get his chance, but in the meantime will safely observe the heroes he loves. Watch the video to see Logan in action.

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