77-year-old ballerina proves age is just a number


Madame Suzelle Poole started dancing at age 7 in London, and has danced all over the world. At 77, this ballerina is still dancing. 

When she’s not teaching dancing at the Royale Ballet Dance Academy in Dallas, she brings joy into her community by dancing for free -- Like at Friends Place, an adult day care center in Richardson, Texas.

“She's graceful, and it takes a lot to do that at that age,” said Friends Place visitor Paulette Armour.

While giving them a little slice of the ballet, she also shows them the effect of staying healthy. 

“The fact that I am old, and a lot of them in the audience are much younger than I am…I think I encourage them to do exercises,” she told FOX 4.

But most importantly, Madame Poole shows her audience another key to vitality -- Doing what you love. 

“I love it. I love dancing,” Madame Poole said. Watch the video to see Madame Poole’s gracefulness.

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