9-year-old boy starts lemonade stand to pay for grandfather's medical bills


Lemonade stands are a good way for children to learn the value of a dollar while raising money. Angel Reyes, however, has another goal: The 9-year-old boy is using the money he’s earning from his lemonade stand to help pay for his grandfather’s medical expenses. 

Angel told Fox 29 San Antonio, "I wanted to start a lemonade stand for my grandpa. He has stage T3 colon cancer. He had surgery and had a 9-inch tumor removed.”

With time off from school for Spring Break, Angel went to work outside his home in New Mexico. His uncle and mother helped him set up the lemonade stand, and he got donations from people whether they were thirsty or not. Police even had to issue a special permit because so many people showed up to help. 

His largest donation came from fellow 9-year-old, Zane Silva who presented a check for $1,000. Zane partnered with Cancer Aid Resource and Education Inc. to help Angel meet his goal. 

Cynthia Sanchez, Angel’s mother, said: “He just wants to help his grandpa in any way that he can, and for a 9-year-old, this is the best idea he could think of and I’m so proud of him for doing it.” 

Angel initially set out to raise $100 during his Spring Break, but when all was said and done Angel and the community raised over $13,000. All because a little boy just wanted to help. Watch the video to see this endearing entrepreneur at work. 

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