9-year-old given new legs after fires claim prosthetics


9-year-old Lilly Biagini and her mother were lucky to escape the North Bay fires by car 2 weeks ago.

“I couldn’t believe fireballs were coming at us, and I was super scared. I couldn’t even believe how scared I was,” Lilly explained to FOX 2.

Their house was destroyed, and so was a part of Lilly -- Her prosthetic legs. 

"Wow. Everything is gone. My wheelchair. My prosthetics. Everything. I couldn't believe it. I seriously had no words," she said.

Lilly has arthrogryposis, a congenital condition where her joints won't bend from the waist down. 

At 6-years-old, she decided to have her legs amputated so she wouldn’t be restricted to a wheelchair. Without her prosthetics, Lilly isn’t quite herself.

“Her legs are definitely a part of her identity,” said Lilly’s mom, Jessica. 

Fortunately Hanger Clinic San Francisco stepped in and gave Lilly a new set of legs for free. 

"She's just such a beautiful light in this world to start with and to be able to put that smile back on her face is priceless," said Pola O'Rourke of the Hanger Clinic.

Now she can continue to run track, ride horses, and just be Lilly. 

"I don't feel that confident anymore. But when I got my legs I got it back immediately. I'm super excited," said Lilly.


Watch the video to see Lilly get her new legs. 

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