After stitches, and some help, man finishes half-marathon


74-year old John Wilkie had taken part in the Rock n Roll Half-Marathon in Tempe, Arizona 8 times before. But this time he tripped and fell hard 60 yards short of the finish. 

"All of a sudden, this wheel came out in front of me, and caught me on the right foot," said Wilkie. "I went down on my left knee, and ended up hitting my head on the ground."

But before he knew it he was back on his feet and on his way to the finish line. All thanks to a runner named Nate, from Texas, and Colin Jackson, from California. 

"I don't know where they came from," said Wilkie. "I couldn't have been on the ground but for seconds. All of a sudden, they were lifting me up."





Arm-in-arm, the men crossed the finish line together. They took John to the medical tent and retrieved his medal for him.

"It still chokes me up when I think about what they did," said Wilkie, who received five stitches and a CAT scan.

There is an unwritten code for some racers that no one should leave a fallen runner near the finish line unless they request to be. But it still takes a certain quality of person to stop and abide by that code -- To forget about their own ambitions and put someone else first. Watch the video to see how John made it to the finish line.

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