Babysitter saves twin toddlers from house fire


When a fire broke out in her home of 17 years, Tonya Cox lost many beloved things. Fortunately, the most precious of them all are safe and sound -- Her two toddler grandsons, twins Jared and Jensen. 

They’re safe because of 17-year-old babysitter Hailey Arnold. She was watching the kids while Tonya ran to the store for diapers. That’s when the fire broke out. 

Arnold told FOX 5, “It was just instinct. They're not even my kids and that was the first thing I could think of. It wasn't ‘grab my stuff’ or ‘grab the dogs’ or anything like that. It was ‘grab the kids and run.” 

It’s a reminder that hiring a babysitter isn’t simply a way to have a free night, run errands, or the ability to work late. It’s to safeguard our most cherished possession of all -- our children. 

Despite losing so much, Tonya feels blessed. 

“They’re definitely not old enough to know how to get out. So if it hadn’t been for her, they would have never left this house. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate that,” she sobbed.

Her house of 17 years burned to the ground in 17 minutes. But all was not lost, thanks to a 17-year-old hero. 


Watch the video to see how Hailey saved the day. 

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