Blind dog found after a week in the wilderness

- Word spread on social media, and members of the community searched everywhere for her. They even hired a professional dog tracker, but still had no luck. With multiple mountain lion sightings reported -- the family feared the worst. 

But, while out for a hike, neighbor Dan Estrada spotted Sage lying lifeless in a stream.

"I know this dog is a sweetheart - when I saw her lifeless body - I thought this was a recovery effort. I didn't want to be the bearer of bad news,” he told FOX 2.

When Sage raised her head, Estrada jumped into the water and put her over his shoulders.

"I started hugging her, it was overwhelming - so moving," said Estrada.

A blind 12-year-old labrador retriever that was missing for eight days in a remote area of the Santa Cruz mountains has been found. 

The family thought “Sage” had been brought into the house, only to realize she wasn’t there an hour later. In that time, she wandered off into the woods.

He carried her out of the canyon, and back to owner Beth Cole and her family. It was just in time. According to Estrada, a storm came that evening and Sage could very well have drowned. 

The Cole family took Sage to a veterinarian where they learned she was weak with a fever and suffering from malnutrition. Fortunately she wasn’t dehydrated, as the stream served as the perfect water source to keep her alive. Now she is happy to be home. And you thought you had a rough week! Watch the video to see Sage safe and sound.

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