Divorced Canadian couple gets court ruling on season hockey tickets


Could this divorce case be more Canadian? While separating in 2015 -- after 35 years of marriage -- Donald McLeod was willing to pay his ex-wife, Beverly, $15,000 in spousal support. However they couldn’t come to an agreement on custody -- of the hockey tickets. 

It turns out their love for the game was stronger than their love for each other. According to CTV News, both Beverly and Donald are big fans of the Edmonton Oilers, and a judge was needed to settle custody of the season tickets. 

Justice Ritu Khullar’s ruling read: 

"These tickets have been owned for 11 years, were clearly acquired during the marriage, and fall within the definition of household goods. The parties shall share equally in the Edmonton Oilers 2017-2018 season tickets, including playoff games, if applicable.”

So how exactly do the visitation rights to a hockey team work? 

The judge ruled that Donald will choose the first game he wants tickets for, and Beverly will choose the second game -- After which, they will alternate choices until all regular season tickets have been assigned. 

According to ESPN, the Oilers are currently 9-1 odds to win the Stanley Cup. So in the likely event the Oilers make the playoffs, Beverly will get to choose first and so on until the Oilers win the Stanley Cup or are eliminated. 


Watch the video to see how this couple split the tickets. 

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