For some with seizures and PTSD, medical marijuana is still out of reach


Marijuana is legal as a recreational drug in eight U.S. states (California, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington) but there are some places where people are denied access to it as treatment for serious medical conditions.

When you suffer from Sanfilippo Syndrome (also known as MPS III), seizures and uncontrollable movements can be a daily battle.

Leslie Jurado and her daughter Isabel, who has the genetic disorder, live in South Carolina, where medical marijuana is illegal. 

Jurado told Fox 46 Charlotte, “You're pretty much told to go home and watch your child deteriorate and try to manage the symptoms."

After talking with doctors and families of other patients, she believes marijuana would help Isabel cope with the deadly disease-- but it would also mean breaking the law.

In North Carolina, 73-year-old Perry Parks, a decorated Vietnam Veteran is hoping his state legalizes medical marijuana.  

Marijuana is the one thing helps Parks’ PTSD-- and he believes it could help other sufferers, so he’s opening up.

“The nightmares, the problems sleeping-- most of the soldiers don't talk about it because it's too ugly to talk about...I decided that I would spend the rest of my life to try and tell people to wake up and listen," Park told FOX 46 Charlotte.

If Isabel could talk, here’s what her mother believes she would say:

“I'm just a child who's suffering, and I deserve a chance to have access to a clean, safe product that can give me a better quality of life."

A number of state lawmakers in South Carolina are introducing the Compassionate Care Act. If it passes, it would allow the use of medical marijuana.  


In North Carolina, some lawmakers are trying  to put medical marijuana on the ballot in 2017. In the meantime, Perry Parks and The Jurados are waiting.

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