Great Scott! More like great speeding ticket!


Sure, driving above the speed limit is against the law. But one man recently received what is perhaps the coolest speeding ticket ever. 

In the 1985 hit movie “Back to the Future”, Marty McFly had to get his DeLorean up to 88 mph to engage the flux capacitor and make time travel possible. And that’s exactly how fast 36-year-old Spencer White was going in his 1982 DeLorean DMC-12. 

He’s wanted a DeLorean ever since seeing the movie, and he finally purchased his dream vehicle back in April. His mother hadn’t been in the car yet, so he took her for a spin on the freeway. He was traveling a lot faster than he thought, when he saw the speedometer was at 85 mph. 

Instead of slowing down, he asked his mom if he should take it up to 88. His giggling mother replied, “Yeah, let’s do it.” 

Within seconds of reaching 88 miles per hour, a California Highway Patrol officer flashed his lights behind him. 

Because the windows of a DeLorean are so small, White was forced to open the famous gull-wing door in order to talk to the officer. 

The officer couldn’t resist smiling when he showed him the radar gun -- 88 mph exactly. 

“All of us started busting up laughing,” White told the Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

Apparently the officer is a fan of the movie too, because he asked White if he had a flux capacitor in the car. Regardless, the officer still did his duty and issued him a ticket with a heavy fine -- approximately $400. 

“If you are going to get a ticket, it’s the dream ticket,” White told The Los Angeles Times.

Watch the video to see this most radically retro speeding ticket.

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