Groom saves boy from drowning during wedding photoshoot


Clayton and Brittany Cook were having their wedding photos taken in a park near Kitchener, Ontario. Little did they know this wasn’t going to be your average photo shoot.

According to, a group of young children excitedly watched and cheered the newlyweds on as they posed on a park bridge. But in between smiles, the groom spotted one of the boys drowning in the river.

"For several minutes these kids were following us, and I was just keeping an eye on them because they were standing close to the water," Clayton told the BBC, "Then while Brittany was getting her solo shots taken I realized only two were standing on the rock ledge. I saw the boy in the water struggling to keep his head up. That's when I jumped down.”

He jumped in alright-- Wedding suit and all. 

By the time photographer Darren Hatt realized what was going on, Clayton had pulled the boy out of the river. Hatt told CTV “It was a commendable thing that he did and he sprung into action incredibly quick.”

“That's Clay, like that's Clay to me,” said Brittany. “It's something he would just instinctively do."

Unsurprisingly, Clayton’s heroics have made quite the impression on social media. Many wishing the bride hadn’t already snatched up such a great guy. 


Watch the video to see the groom’s heroics. 

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