Mail carrier raises hope for woman diagnosed with breast cancer


USPS mail carrier Michele Slack has worked the same route in Minneapolis for 13 years -- The very route she walked when she was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago. 

“My battle started seven years ago and I was just diagnosed with retinal cancer in January, which metastasized from my breast cancer," Slack told FOX 9. "Odds are, it’ll be back again at another point. There aren’t too many people that haven’t been impacted in some level by cancer.”

So when she learned that a woman in the neighborhood was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, Slack decided to pay the wife and mother of two a visit. 

“She used the word hopeless. It just sort of ate at me, because hope and positive thinking in my belief has a lot to do with healing and overcoming a serious illness,” said Slack.

Then she had an idea. While Laura Stegenga was undergoing chemotherapy and her daughters were at school, Slack planted what she calls “Hearts of Hope” in The Stegenga’s front yard. Upon returning from the doctor, she couldn’t believe the outpouring of support -- 101 balloons with heartfelt notes and donations from friends, neighbors, and strangers. 

“I don’t know them either,” Stegenga said as she walked through her yard. “This is amazing. These are neighbors I’ve never met.”

The donations came to approximately $2000, but it was the hope they planted that was priceless. Watch the video to see the “Hearts of Hope”. 

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