New stuffed animal allows you to give and receive hugs across the world


Technology allows us to say hello all the way across the world, but one thing it hasn’t been able to transmit is a hug. That is all changing thanks to the stuffed animal called Parihug. And what is better than giving a hug? Getting one back. 

The electronically-connected stuffed animals can interact with another Pari, and when one is hugged a suite of sensors detects the hug and transmits a hug equal in duration and intensity to your loved one’s Pari.

Via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, your Parihug can choose from different plush Pari amongst your Pari-family to send a hug, and even link to a Fitbit to transmit your heartbeat. In addition, an alert will be sent to your phone if you miss a hug.

The 20-year-old founder of the Parihug, Xyla Foxlin told Mashable how the idea came to be. 

"I was in a long distance relationship for about a year-and-a-half. At some point I was having a rough time at my job and was really unhappy, but I had nothing to say to my boyfriend, Foxlin explained. "I didn't want to text him or call him. I just wanted a way to reach out to know he was there. I started wondering if hugging over the internet was possible."

The company plans a crowdfunding campaign to target a price of $75, and is looking to market it toward families that are split apart, long distance couples, troops overseas, and children in hospitals that could use a hug. Watch the video to see the heartwarming gesture a 5-year-old girl made with her stuffed animal.

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