Newlyweds adopt stray dog who crashed wedding


Wedding guests are usually on their best behavior. However, it was an uninvited guest who didn’t care for etiquette, and stole the show at a wedding in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

When rains forced Matheus and Marília to have their outdoor wedding under a tent, a stray dog saw the ceremony as a shelter from the weather. He was initially shooed away by guests, but he returned when the bridal chorus began to play.

Once more he was sent away, but the dog wouldn’t be denied. As the couple read their vows, he felt Marília’s veil was a comfortable place for him to rest. 

Marília told, "It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because I love animals. I liked it very much." 

No one was going to argue with the bride, and the dog was allowed to stay. 

Then, just as quickly as the dog entered their hearts, he slipped away into the night. However, the couple couldn’t get him out of their mind, and after more than a week were able to track him down. Matheus and Marília adopted the dog, and named him “Snoop”. 

"We're all very happy," said Marília.


Watch the video to see the cute wedding crasher.

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