NFL team hosts prom for teenagers with serious medical conditions


The Oakland Raiders teamed up with Children’s Hospital Oakland to host a prom for teens with serious, life changing medical conditions at the team’s headquarters in Alameda, California. 

Teens like Sana Shoostari, who has cerebral palsy and has undergone 16 surgeries to enable her to walk. 

“I get to understand what going to prom feels like,” Sana told FOX 2. “Having this prom experience definitely helps aid the feeling of, ‘Oh I missed out!’.”

Briana Nathaniel has sickle cell anemia. Instead of worrying about the school she’s missed because of her pain, she can focus on the joy of being a teen. "I'm just excited...real excited," she says. "For girls, you get to feel like a princess ...going with this beautiful gown...nails done...basically you get pampered."

Gavin Payton had spinal surgery 6 months ago, but was walking tall in his new tuxedo. "Tonight, I just need a break. I want to have fun," he said.

It was also a one of a kind experience for Oakland Raider and NFL defensive star of the year, Khalil Mack. He didn’t go to his prom because it was too expensive, but this time around, he’s just enjoying what he’s helped create. 

“Seeing those kids, seeing the smiles on their faces, it’s the most breathtaking thing you can experience...being able to have fun with them.” 

The teens were able to leave their disabilities behind, and for Sana Shoostari -- that meant her wheelchair. Dancing with everyone on this unforgettable night. 

"Disability isn't your destiny," said Sana. 


Watch the video to see all these precious moments.

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