‘Nomophobia' is real: why we're scared to be separated from our smartphones


Do you feel a rush of anxiety when you leave your phone behind - almost as though you’ve abandoned part of yourself? Well, a new study has a term for this - nomophobia - and it’s affecting everyone.

According to the study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, nomophobia (short for no-mobile phobia) affects teenagers and adults alike as our dependence on our mobile phones increases. The scientists believe that as people use their phones to store, share and access personal memories, the phone becomes an extension of who they are.

Study author Dr. Kim Ki Joon stated, “Recent smartphone and app development seems to inevitably increase users’ attachment, as the technology and related services become increasingly personalised and customisable.”

In order to prevent or lower these feelings of separation anxiety, Dr. Joon suggests cellphone users “be conscious not to become overly dependent on smartphones while benefitting from the smartness of the technology.”

Also, the simple act of turning it off or leaving it in another room can help reduce dependency and anxiety. 


So take a deep breath and remember - everything will be ok… even if you forgot your phone.

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