Police officer goes above and beyond, buying clothes for a shoplifter


A Canadian police officer’s actions have gone viral, after he went above and beyond the call of duty to help a young man in need

Police officer Constable Niran Jeyanesan responded to a report of shoplifting at a Toronto Walmart, after  an 18-year-old was caught stealing a dress shirt, tie, and a pair of socks.

The pilfered merchandise struck Jeyanesan as unusual since people don’t generally shoplift just a few pieces of clothing. When he inquired further, he uncovered the real motivations behind the young man’s actions.

According to the Canadian Press, the teenager was preparing for a job interview and had no money to buy the appropriate attire. His father, the primary breadwinner in his family, had recently fallen very ill. The 18-year-old felt the pressure to step up and provide for the rest of his family during this time of crisis.

After bringing him to the precinct, Jeyanesan went back to the Walmart and purchased the items the young man had tried to shoplift.

Jeyanesan said, “Everyone has their own battles they’re fighting. It doesn’t excuse them, but behind every action there’s a reason why the person is doing it.”


No charges were brought against the teenager, who discovered his new clothes while collecting his personal items as he left the police station.

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